Sunday, July 8, 2012


Found in the bakery yesterday:  

"First Edition COMMAND Master Recorded On 35MM Magnetic Film" Beethoven, all nine symphonies, performed by William Steinberg & The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. At least 50 years old, mint condition. 

Who does this? Who loses something so unique and valuable [though we have a track record around here of great forgetfulness and classical music]. Still, my hunch is this is no regular lost and found, not just another pair of Ray Bans left behind. I'll bet this was delivered to us by a second-guessing thief who visited Academy Records, our neighbors across the street, but then decided not to go through with the deed. [Question to thief, in case you're reading this: how does one change their mind on Beethoven?] 

Just a hunch. I'll check with Academy later today. 

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