Tuesday, April 24, 2012


         A woman called the bakery yesterday morning saying she left a red Coach bag an hour before. 
         We looked for it. We didn't find it.  

         People leave all kinds of things at the bakery all the time. In the mix of more than a thousand 
         customers here everyday, things likes books and bags and phones and [yes] iPads are left behind. 
         Come winter, there's a bounty of scarves, gloves and hats, and then more hats, gloves 
         and scarves. Umbrellas? Indeed. 

         Exactly a week ago, at 7:40am, someone on the staff came into the office and asked if by any chance we 
         had found a violin [now that's an exciting question before 8am]. As I started to answer to say I don't think 
         so, I laid eyes on a violin case sitting upright in the corner of the office three feet away.  

         As it happened, the violin had been left in the bakery the night before. A few hours later, a young violin
         student [with a recital in a week], realized her violin was gone. Her mental map traced back to City Bakery
         quickly, but it was not until the morning that a call could be made. That must have been a very long night.  

         The next morning, after we confirmed "...a violin? Yes, we have!" the violin player's mother said she would 
         be to the bakery within ten minutes. I thought this was all too exciting [as far as lost & found stories go], 
         so with Violin Mom on the way, I opened the case just enough, stuck my camera inside [feeling a
         little sheepish] and snapped two pictures, one of which is above.  


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