Wednesday, February 29, 2012


And here we are.
Last day of February. 
Last day of the Hot Chocolate Festival [last day of 20 years of the Hot Chocolate Festival!]. 
First day ever for "Leap Year Hot Chocolate."


Yes, it's been a strange month for weather. At least 100 people have asked me: "Isn't it too warm for hot chocolate?" [I've liked best when they lean in and whisper, treating the question with all potential sensitivity it deserves]. Still, we've made great volumes of hot chocolate this month, and we've sold every drop. The numbers aren't final yet, but in spite of warm and warmer temperatures, we will have sold close to 20,000 cups and mugs of hot chocolate these last few weeks, and a little more than half that number of homemade marshmallows.   

There will be two flavors today, at least. We begin with Hot Chocolate on a Peanut Butter Barge with Gold Leaf. 
The Peanut Butter Barge was a first time flavor this year, way back in the second week of the February. It was a hit, more so than expected, so the encore today is for those who were pleased and buzzing about that concoction. The addition of the gold leaf today, to be perfectly honest, is gratuitous and a little gimmicky, but since it's leap year, it feels like the right flourish.    

The second flavor is Black Strap Rum reduced with Cinnamon. This is a first-ever flavor and will not disappoint.We'll begin serving the Black Strap at 2:00pm, and there will be hot chocolate blogging updates all day today. 

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