Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Ready for the season. High hopes. Ready to plunge into this 
summer like the baby hawks at Washington Square about to leap 
 into the void. We're going to bake and bike and grill.
We will read about brains. De Kooning, too. 
We're going to make Olive Oil Cake this time around.
Charm with radishes, too.  
Our chocolate will be darker the next few months. We're going 
to Instagram like fiends, just you watch. We're going to beautify
 our beautiful bakeries. We may not stop buying vases. 
We have a vintage ice bucket moment coming. We're going to 
frame things. Woodwork, too. If Riesling would stop being trendy 
for five minutes, we'll drink more Riesling. We may Fiat. 
Toronto. Dubai? Brazil?!
Either way, we'll skip around our own town visiting 
other bakeries [roll the dice]. 
Ready, set...

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