Monday, March 2, 2015


Dear Eater:

Here is some accurate information regarding the Birdbath post you asked me to comment on.

This is a real estate matter involving the property and the city. It has nothing to do with Birdbath, even with our sign in the window. It's not appropriate for us to address it, because we're not part of the underlying issue. We've been hoping to open in that space for a longtime, but it hasn't been possible. We can't legally put one nail in a wall if we wanted.  

Layla Khabiri of Eater writes Birdbath "…has been under construction since July." Incorrect. Construction never began. Ms. Khabiri refers to Birdbath as "the restaurant." As thousands of New Yorkers know, Birdbath is a retail bakery, not a restaurant. 

The statement in the post "Birdbath apparently has trouble paying the rent" is glib and insulting, and also, wrong. 

Your post links to our closing on Third Avenue last summer, implying a negative trend. There's no such trend. Third Avenue wasn't busy enough for us, so we closed it after opening in Midtown and then opening a second location on the Upper West Side. We just opened Birdbath Nolita on Spring Street and next month open our third UWS location. In April, we'll open a Birdbath children's party space in the Flatiron district. We've also begun looking for space in that Other Borough, too. 

A lot of exciting new developments for Birdbath Green Bakery. 

I'm trusting Eater will be providing generous coverage on these new developments. Yes? 
Say yes, Eater!  

Maury Rubin
Baker/Hot Chocolate Maker/Owner
City Bakery and Birdbath Green Bakery 

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  1. Good to know. I was wondering why the 6th Ave space was empty. I still don't know, but at least I know that it's a real estate & city ordinance issue. City Bakery and Maury Rubin have always been good neighbors. I used to live near his original location on Union Square, and he was a very respectful and engaged and welcome part of the community. I wish him well.


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