Friday, February 28, 2014


On the front lines: No one served more hot chocolate
these past 28 days than Joseph and Maritza. It is not easily done,
and they did it everyday like pros. 

Our Official X-Factor:
No one covered more ground during the festival
than Jorge Picado. Watch him in the kitchen,
then upstairs, then to the basement,  now
behind the counter, then back to the kitchen.
Next year we are putting an odometer on him.

Meet Miguel 'Richie' Ramos and his
marshmallows.  It's a safe bet that no human being
has ever made more marshmallows in this town
than Richie. This year, once again his
  marshmallows were as stellar as he is.  

The Indispensable Mr. Landi.
 City Bakery customers would not have such incredible hot chocolate
day after day without him,
and I would not be standing at the end of February.

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