Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Thinking about some of the things that go as summer goes, Kale comes instantly to mind. We have been living with kale for several months now, like an Uncle or Aunt who came to town, moved in and stayed for months. My first stop every at every Greenmarket is for kale. I used to buy kale, now I secure it. Even though a few different farmers know we need large amounts and set some aside just for the bakery, I take only so much comfort with that. My market really begins once the kale has been positively secured, at which point I can think about the rest of the shopping to be done. 

How much kale do we use? These are crazy numbers, I do believe. 
Ten cases at one Greenmarket day won't even last the day. Twelve cases gets us some reserve. Fourteen or more, and there's breathing room. 

Those are the numbers four times each week, or at least they have been since June. 
And how many people do we serve the City Bakery Kale Salad to every day?
Between 18th Street and five Birdbaths, the number climbs safely into the hundreds. 

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