Sunday, July 29, 2012


A week ago, I posted about a long history of work-related dreams by those who work or have worked at City Bakery through the years. Yesterday, Liz Devito, who works the counter at City Bakery, told me she had a dream that was all bad energy. I asked if she'd share the details with me, which she did, generously. Here are the gory details in her own words:

In my dream last night, I was somewhere that was “City Bakery” although it wasn’t the real City Bakery. I think I might have actually been in some vague outdoor location. You hustled over to me and exclaimed something like “Liz, guess what. You’re FIRED,” in an extremely worked-up manner. The reasoning was that I had posted something on my Facebook page about meeting a celebrity while working at City Bakery, and you were furious that I hadn’t respected the privacy of said celeb by posting their whereabouts on the internet. Or something. (I wonder if this is because I had a conversation about cell phones with Paul Giamatti a couple days earlier and then proceeded to let everyone know?) But you were extremely upset with me, and when I asked if you were sure you really wanted to fire me, you were adamant. I remember feeling guilty, upset, and utterly panicked. I distinctly remember thinking, “oh no! Now I’ll have to find another job, and I really like this one!” I was scared that I’d have to work at some other bakery that didn’t live up to City Bakery (because really, how could it?) in order to pay the rent. Oh, yes – the RENT was also a significant stressor in this dream. The best part is that it all felt so real, it actually took me a moment upon waking up to comprehend that I hadn’t really been fired. Waking up with those stressful feelings wasn’t pleasant, but figuring out that I still had a job was a tremendous relief. It was like that “Hallelujah!” moment when you think it’s Monday all day until someone lets you know that it’s actually Friday. Except it was Saturday, and it was 6am, and I needed to be at the bakery by 8. Which was fine by me, because at that moment I was pretty darn happy to be employed!

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