Friday, June 22, 2012


It's not news that the New York City Police Department has a history which suggests its not exactly fond of bicycling in the city. Even with that as background, the jaw-dropping quotient on this news from is way up there:

"A new fee imposed by NYPD could decimate free bike education programs that serve thousands of New Yorkers, and would jeopardize the education component of the city’s bike-share program.
Bike New York, organizer of the Five Boro Bike Tour, holds hundreds of cycling classes each year. Classes designed to teach kids and adults to ride safely are conducted by certified instructors — many of them volunteers — free of charge in schools, parks, and neighborhoods across the city. So far in 2012, these classes have served some 6,000 cyclists of varying ages and skill levels, according to group figures. In addition to its work with city agencies including DOT, the Parks Department, and the Department of Health, Bike New York has partnered with Alta to be the official education provider for Citi Bike." 

Read all the gory details here.

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