Friday, June 1, 2012


How much more reasonable could the idea of labeling genetically modified foods be? There's no credible case to be made on the other side, which of course doesn't stop the industrial food companies from trying. This issue, in play in California right now, feels like a growing movement to make labels the law. Mother Jones Magazine provides an overview:  
In November, California voters will decide on a ballot initiative that would require labeling of all foods containing ingredients from genetically modified crops. The initiative made it to the ballot after almost 1 million Californians signed a petition in favor of it—nearly double the 504,760 signatures needed under the state's proposition rules. The campaign that organized the push to get the measure on the ballot focused on possible health effects of GMO foods.

A more animated view of the matter is provided by a group in Britain [below]. I'm partial to the dramatic entrance of the baker at 3:05:

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