Friday, March 2, 2012


Our Evening Hour cookies are back. This is a small, intense chocolate cookie for someone who knows they like chocolate with a bitter edge. The cookie is stuffed with cocoa nibs [cracked pieces of dried cocoa bean] then rolled in large crystal sugar around the edges.

The color is somewhere between cocoa and black - completely unique from any baked good we've ever made. The finish of the large crystal sugar - to my eye - adds elegance, and that's what led to the "Evening Hour" moniker.

With a name like that, it needed a story. So when we introduced it in the bakery, we pitched this tale to customers: the Evening Hour cookie was rumored to be the very favorite cookie of Cary Grant on the set filming
That Touch of Mink in 1962, when he starred with Doris Day. I'm not sure how many customers bought the cookie because of that story, but I'm certain we loved telling it.

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