Friday, February 24, 2012


One of the nice things about having a hot chocolate

festival is how it brings people to the bakery from all

around the world. Japan, Italy, Israel, Milwaukee. Today,

the tour bus that pulled up at 3:45pm deposited 45

citizens from the relatively regional origin of Westerville,

Ohio, [population, 60,000]. They were touring New York

[shout out right here to Levy's Unique New York Tours]

and had the good sense to detour to City Bakery for

some hot chocolate before heading back home where

no similar hot chocolate will ever be found. The group,

pictured at right, were students from Westerville South

High School [go Wildcats]. All in the pic were happy to

pose while we poured their hot chocolates [please note:

excessively-giddy, camera-happy tour guide {red pants}

and your hot chocolate maker {apron} in the foreground].

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