Friday, February 10, 2012


This is the 20th anniversary of the Hot Chocolate Festival, and against all logic, Bourbon Hot Chocolate [today's flavor] was one of the original flavors in 1991.

To say it was an oddity back then,
would be generous. I still remember the perplexed look on people's faces when told there was such a creature as Bourbon Hot Chocolate on the menu.

Fast-forward twenty years, and with it,
a resurrection in the country of small-scale, high-quality, craft bourbon making, and the idea of Bourbon Hot Chocolate is no longer a freak show.

Since 12 noon today, we've been selling copious amounts, with lines that haven't given in. I'm circling today's date as the day Bourbon Hot Chocolate officially arrived. After a few hours behind the counter, I can report that Bourbon Hot Chocolate actually seemed even normal to more than a thousand hot chocolate lovers. We'll sell more of it today than during 19 prior Hot Chocolate Festivals. There were no perplexed faces. When people heard the day's flavor was bourbon, the only issue was what size to order.

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